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The Gift of Song


Fifty years have passed since Tom Robinson's days singing with the Saint Michael's Glee Club. But with a recent major life insurance gift, he and his wife Nancy hit a high note for both the College and the couple's sound financial future.

Tom grew up on Long Island and chose Saint Michael's on a football coach's recommendation, with an initial interest in its pre-engineering program. But he discovered he really liked chemistry and stayed to complete his bachelor's in that field instead.

Some of Tom's best college memories were from time spent singing in the glee club and chorale under then-director John Donahue.

Paired With Satchmo
"We recorded with 'Satchmo' [Louis Armstrong] at Memorial Auditorium when he played there and I was in charge of ticket sales for the concert," Tom remembers. "I even went backstage and met him. We sang, 'When the Saints Go Marching In' with him, and I still have a record made from that concert."

Tom says he stayed in touch through the years with Dr. Tortolano, who is still an active emeritus music professor, organist and conductor in the Burlington area. Such enriching Saint Michael's experiences inspired and shaped the Robinsons' $150,000 commitment to the College to fund the Thomas and Nancy Robinson '62 Music Fund.

Using Life Insurance To Give Back
Tom says that in their estate planning, he and Nancy realized they wanted to make meaningful gifts to their colleges and the churches that they attend that have had an impact on their lives, while at the same time providing for their two children. Working with their financial advisor, the Robinsons purchased new life insurance policies and named each of their favorite charities as owner and beneficiary of a policy.

Tom will continue to make contributions to the College on an annual basis to cover the insurance premium cost, which will be tax-deductible and offset income that Tom is now required to take from his retirement plan.

A gift of life insurance can allow you to make a sizable impact on advancing the mission of the College without diluting other assets earmarked for your family and loved ones. "If you have a desire to play an important role in supporting us, you may be surprised to learn how life insurance can help fulfill your philanthropic goals," says Susan Moses, gift planning officer.

What Comes Around
Tom's job brought them to California's Bay Area decades ago, and they liked it so much that they stayed for retirement. He has attended most alumni events in his region and makes a point of coming east for class reunions as often as possible. His regular, generous gifts have made him a Medallion Society member since 1991.

Sharing their gifts with the world has been part of the Robinsons' lives for a long time. Ever since they retired on the same day in 1998, they have traveled widely, including volunteer projects in Honduras through Nancy's church on several trips. Tom is also very involved with the International Lions Club's eyeglass-recycling initiative through his local chapter, where he served as president.

Take Action
We sincerely thank Tom and Nancy Robinson for supporting Saint Michael's through their gift of life insurance. Interested in making a gift of life insurance? Click here to learn more about the benefits of this gift type.

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