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Enjoy These Donor Stories

Bill and Mary Fran DriscollWhere the Legacy Began
In honor of his 50th Reunion at Saint Michael’s, Bill Driscoll and his wife, Mary Fran, have made a significant commitment to their family’s scholarship fund through a blended gift, combining the couple’s immediate gift with a gift in their estate plan. More »

Marcel LeBlancThe Lives He Touched
To his students, Marcel J. LeBlanc was a memorable teacher, mentor and more. Upon his death in late 2020, he put a beautiful final coda on his career as an educator with a gift in his estate plan that will educate and inspire generations of Purple Knights. More »

Michael and Gerry ReadyChance Encounter in the Northeast Kingdom Leads to Reconnection for Purple Knight
Michael ’58 and Gerry Ready know firsthand how a college education serves as a springboard to success. To thank Saint Michael’s for the scholarship support Michael received, the couple is using their estate to boost our students. More »

Colin and Jessica SheaSaint Michael’s Experience Sparks Fire and Rescue Alumni to Create Estate Gift
Through conversations with their financial planner, Colin ’02 and Jessica ’04 Shea discovered they could provide for loved ones while still including charitable giving in their estate plan. Choosing Saint Michael’s College as a beneficiary was an easy choice. More »

Jack BergeronBergeron Family Leaves Historic Legacy of Student Support
"Scholarships are what made SMC possible for me," explains Urban L. Bergeron Scholarship recipient. More »

Dave and Debbie QuinnValues-Based Education Struck a Chord With Parents of Alumnus
Dave and Debbie Quinn P’06 use their donor advised fund to ensure that deserving students benefit from Saint Michael’s values-based education, regardless of their finances. More »

Alcide and Yvonne PorellPorell Family Scholarship Established as a Thank You to Saint Michael's
Al Porell '56 recalls with clarity his Saint Michael's experience and the people with whom he shared the experience. More »

Pete SwannellEdmundite Compassion Inspires Alumnus to Give Back
A strong belief in the liberal arts and gratitude toward the Edmundites for their support during a family tragedy led Pete Swannell '70 to designate a planned gift to the College. More »

William J. ChiassonA Lifetime of Ministry, A Legacy of Service
William J. Chiasson, PhD '57 gave back with the hope that future generations might benefit as he did from the quality of a St. Mike's education. More »

J. ConlonProviding Opportunities for Future Students
J. Conlon '84 credits her time at Saint Michael's for preparing her for the future. In honor of her 35th reunion, she decided to make a gift that will support future students. More »

Tim and Jackie FordThe Golden Rule
Tim Ford '83 appreciates the Catholic liberal arts education that also helped him to grow spiritually and find camaraderie in the Saint Michael's community. More »

Tom and Denise KelleyConnection, Community and Education
Tom Kelley finds Saint Michael's connections wherever he goes—and wouldn't want it any other way. See how these connections have impacted him and how he's ensuring his support of the College continues for years to come. More »

The BarrettsFamily Commitment Inspires Gift
Dr. Frederick C. Barrett '43 and his wife, Elizabeth, created a scholarship at Saint Michael's College so future students could benefit from a world-class education. More »

Patricia HearnsPatricia Hearns '78 Says Thanks With Gift in Her Will
Lifelong friends and a positive experience at Saint Michael's led Patricia Hearns '78 to make a gift in her will to Saint Michael's. More »

Bob OliverMake an Impact Today and Tomorrow
Alumnus supports Saint Michael's—annually and through his estate plan—through his IRA. More »

Carl and Joyce RoofA Legacy of Giving
In honor of the impact Saint Michael's played on his life, Carl Roof '68, and his wife Joyce, are creating a legacy of support for Saint Michael's students. More »

Phil HowriganPhil Howrigan '57 Gives Back With Gratitude
When asked why he gives back to Saint Michael's, Phil Howrigan '57 says, "The cost of education has gone up, and by including the College in my estate plan, I can help future students afford the same quality education that I received." More »

Rit and Nancy DiVenereRit DiVenere '67, 50 Years of Loyalty to Saint Michael's...and Counting!
"Saint Michael's College shaped my life, and that of my family. I am grateful"... More »

Pat DuganFor Patrick "Pat" Dugan '71, Saint Michael's College is Like Another Family!
When asked what motivated Pat and Karen Dugan to make a planned gift to Saint Michael's College in the form of a bequest... More »

Pete GriffinFor Pete Griffin '60 His Saint Michael's Education Was Priceless!
Growing up on a farm, Pete was fortunate to have the support of family and neighbors, who encouraged his participation in education and sports. His abilities...  More »

Jerry FlanaganWith Jerry Flanagan, It’s All Saint Michael’s All the Time
Born in Erie, Pennsylvania and raised in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, Jerry Flanagan came to Saint Michael’s College in the fall of 1967 as a first-year student...  More »

Christine McAuliffeYoung Saint Michael's Alum Plans Ahead to Give Back
Saint Michael's alumna, Christine McAuliffe '06, is a very forward-thinking woman! Because her time here at the College was so meaningful, she wanted to give something back. More »

Chuck GilsonChuck Gilson '56 Is Committed to History Repeating Itself
No one is immortal. Few would dispute that with Chuck Gilson, who came to this realization and recently decided to donate $250,000 from his estate to Saint Michael's College.  More »

PolitiPoliti Fund Helping Saint Michael's Students Discover the World and Themselves
Learn how a man who lived for 95 years, spoke seven languages and lived across the world is still influencing Saint Michael's students' lives today. More »

Angie Aja ArmourThis Saint Mike's Vermonter is a True Gem
Angie Aja Armour '99 M'09 is grateful to those who took a chance and gave her a meaningful experience at Saint Michael's. Angie and her husband are paying back the kindness by including St. Mike's in their estate plans. How?  More »

Frank RussoFor Frank Russo '68, It's All About Connections
Frank Russo's job of managing some of the world's largest public-assembly facilities—high-profile civic and collegiate arenas—amounts to "putting a puzzle together, knowing how it should all fit and making sense of it." More »

Will InfantineGiving Back to St. Michael's a 'Win-Win'
"I give back to Saint Michael's because it helped mold me both as a businessman and as an individual," Will Infantine '86 says. Will was a noble Knight twice over in the early 1990s when he made a gift to Saint Michael's College. More »

John HahnIt's Never Too Early to Provide for Saint Michael's...Just Ask John Hahn '75
John '75 and Lisa Hahn want to ensure St. Michael's future by planting a seed through an endowment in honor of their wedding anniversary. More »

Jerry McKennaJerry McKenna '69 Makes a Major Gift, Then Keeps on Giving 
Gerald McKenna '69 says he and his wife, Pat, decided to fund a scholarship for needy Saint Michael's students "because I was a needy student," Jerry says.  More »

St Michael'sAlumnus Honors a Determined and Gifted Classmate
As Mike O'Brien '71 remembers it, alphabetical order in classes, housing or campus activities frequently placed him in a good position to observe and admire... More »

HindesSaint Michael's Value Grows in Hindes' Sight
Churchill Hindes '69 never thought that he'd one day be able to honor Saint Michael's the way he could through his estate plans.  More »


The RobinsonsThe Gift of Song
What would life be without music? The Robinsons don't want to imagine such a world. It's why they feel St. Michael's Glee Club plays such an important part in students' development. More »

Edward and Mary Madeline ArcherA Salute From the Heart
Edward Archer '56 and his wife, Mary Madeline Archer, said their recent decision to establish the Michael D. Archer Military Heritage Scholarship Fund with a $50,000 two-installment gift annuity flowed naturally...  More »

Saint Michael'sIn Saint Michael's Corner -- a Champion
Time and again through Everest Smith's life, people called his dreams impossible, but the determined former Golden Gloves boxing champion always found a way to answer the bell and make admirers of doubters. More »


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You fund this trust with cash or appreciated assets—and may qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction when you itemize. Each year the trust pays you or another named individual the same dollar amount you choose at the start. When the trust terminates, the remaining principal goes to Saint Michael's College as a lump sum.

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